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Wedding Video Blog


Wedding ceremonies are happy moments which bring many people together. Such events occur maybe once in a lifetime, and it is important to have memories in the future. The only way in which you can have the memories of a past event is by having the event recorded in a film. Wedding film helps people to recall vividly how the day went down and all the notable moments. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider to ensure that you have a perfect wedding film.

Have a good camera - Technology is always in motion and for this reason, go for a camera with the latest features and most significantly, a video recorder. The camera should also have a tripod stand for correct positioning, remote microphone, and audio recorders. The camera should record the events or take pictures in High Definition (HD) for best quality.


Appropriate LUX Ratings - LUX is the sensitivity of the camera. A camera will make better video footages in a dim light area if it has a low LUX rating and a high LUX rated camera is best for a place with light. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the amount of light of where you are going to take videos and pictures in a wedding so as to determine the best LUX rating. Click here for more info!


Conducting a pre-visit - As a cameraman, it is necessary to do a pre-visit of the place especially during the rehearsal. A pre-visit is important in identifying best shooting points, and it also gives you an idea of how you will deal with light issues on the wedding day. This visit is also a chance to interact with the wedding couples so that you get to know what will be important to them that you should focus.


Audio Testing before the event - Videos only have meaning if accompanied with sound. Sound should be of high quality in this case so to be confident of your audio system, make an advance visit to test the system to ascertain it before the wedding day. To know more about videographers, visit


Consider close-ups during the events of the wedding - Close-ups are a way of putting emphasis on issues you feel are important. They also enhance the sharpness of images. You should use close-ups for important moments such as vows and people such as parents.


Have the ability to anticipate actions and flow of events - This ability is very crucial, and it helps to record all the moments without missing any part, check out this website for more info!